Top ways people hear about hair salons

If you run a hair salon, knowing how people hear about your salon can help you grow your business.  By knowing and understanding your main sources for new customers, you can create a marketing and advertising plan that targets those markets. Today, a lot of marketing is done online and websites are a great source of information for people who are seeking out goods and services.  A website for your salon can be a great marketing technique.  We did a recent poll of people who visit hair salons and we learned that the following ways are the most common ways for people to learn about and try out a new hair salon.

1) Search engines/websites: A lot of people who are looking for a new hair salon will simply do a quick Google search or a search on another search engine to find a highly ranked hair salon near them.

2) Social media: Many people claimed to hear about a new hair salon through social media advertisements, or through friends who post about their hair salon via social media. Hair salons can incorporate social media into their online marketing strategies and post advertisements, specials, and general information about their hair salon to encourage people to come and visit their salon.  Social media campaigns can be a great way to raise awareness and get more people to visit your salon.  Something simple like asking people to ‘like’ your page and receive $5 off their first haircut is an easy way to bring new people in (by offering a promotion), and by gaining more visibility online by having more ‘likes’ on your page.

3) Review sites: By searching on the internet, many people also will visit sites which offer reviews of hair salons.  A great marketing tip for a salon is to include reviews on your website, which allows people to read the reviews directly on your website instead of having to seek out reviews on another site, such as yelp.  People who use these review sites can search by location and enter certain keywords to find a salon which meets your needs.  Additionally, some of these sites allow businesses to post promotions directly on the review site, which means that this can be a great way to draw people into your salon.

4) Website promotions: When people search via a search engine and go you your salons website, putting a promotion right on the homepage will encourage people to choose your salon over other competitors.  You can offer something simple, like $5 off a visit, a free makeup consultation along with a hairstyle, or a free neck and shoulder massage with your purchase of a haircut. Many people said that they visited a new salon because they found a promotion like one of these through the salons website.

5) Email promotions: If people are on some kind of a mailing list for deals in your area (like groupon), you will periodically receive deals for haircuts in your area.

All of these sources are web-based, which just show the importance of having a salon marketing campaign that incorporates digital technology.


A Few Reasons Why Waxing Trumps Shaving Any Day

Shaving the legs, biking, underarms, and other random areas has definitely stood the test of time.  We still rely on shaving largely in our lives, so it does work, but for those areas that seems to never recover from shaving on our bodies there should be something better.  I don’t mind shaving my legs so much because for some reason they stay pretty smooth and bump-free.  The rest of my shave-able areas, however, used to scream at me to find something new until I finally listened.  So here are a few reasons why I believe that waxing is a far better alternative to shaving:

1. Modern waxes are made from safe ingredients.  It was true at one point that waxes were made of harsh chemicals, but the effects spoke for themselves and the brands decided to change their recipes.  Now most are made with naturally occurring soy, which binds to the hair itself rather than your skin and largely reduces the damage and irritation to your skin surround the hair follicle.  There are certainly all-natural waxes available out there, you just have to ask.brazilian waxing

2. You can do your own waxing at home pretty easily.  Pre-coated waxing strips are easy to use and don’t require the mess of the microwave to heat a tub of wax.  The strips are just applied to the area desired and friction creates heat within the strip through rubbing the outside, and causes the wax to adhere to the hairs beneath.  But if you prefer the more traditional versions with a tub and applicator, those can also be done at home for an extremely low cost.

3. Waxing lasts longer.  In fact, waxing can last several weeks longer than shaving, which normally only lasts about a day for many people.  Because the hair is removed from the root connection it takes much longer to regrow.  Over time the hair grows in finer and fewer between as well.

4. Waxing is better for your skin than shaving.  It turns out that waxing is also a way to exfoliate your skin.  Although the wax shouldn’t bind directly to your skin like it does to the hair, it still lifts impurities and dead cells that would otherwise cluster and potentially cause irritation.

5. Waxing reduces undergrowth.  In other words, you will have less in-grown hairs over time if you continue waxing rather than shaving.  You can get the closest shave possible and still won’t be able to prevent some in-grown hairs or get your skin as soft and smooth as with waxing.  It removes any possibility that you will still feel that “scuff” afterwards when wiping your hands against the grain of your skin.

6. You can have someone else do your waxing for you!  Yes this is definitely a perk; I hate shaving in the shower because it takes extra time, effort, and cost.  Waxing is a process in which a professional technician will heat the wax, get the table and supplies ready, and make sure that each and every last hair is accounted for in your specified areas.

Use search engine optimization to get your dental office the business it deserves.

When thinking about how search engines work it seems like there is some sort of unknown magic that pulls companies up to the top over others. It is not something that a lot of think of and to be totally honest it is something that many of us probably just take for granted as dental marketingbeing a system that magically manifested as opposed to a system that has time and work put into it. WIth Dental Gurus which is a digital marketing company specifically set up to serve dental offices, they use search engine optimization as a method to boost the visibility of your dental office on search engines, specifically Google. There are several different ways that JEMSU, which powers Dental Gurus, does this. They use keyword research, on-page SEO (search engine optimization), off-page SEO, content marketing strategy and analytics and reporting.

Let’s break it down. When talking about keyword research what Dental Gurus has to offer you is over ten years of extensive experience in figuring out what specific keywords create hits on google for your dental office. They use their years of experience with Google’s analytics to make sure the keywords they use for your company will be the ones that will raise visibility on Google so your customers can get your services as soon as they need them. That is the ultimate goal for Dental Marketing Gurus. They have a checklist with more than one hundred on-page SEO factors to ensure that you are getting elevated status when it comes to a Google search. They also do off-page SEO which includes the creation of original information, distribution of that information as well as actual customer outreach. Placing this original content in relevant listings will boost your visibility once again. They also use their content marketing strategy to make sure that your website lends itself to having individuals call your dental office directly so they can receive your services as soon as they need. Part of their analytics and reporting service is the monthly reports of your ranking each month. With staff that is certified in Google Analytics you can be sure that Dental Gurus are always on top of the latest ways to keep your business from being ranked as one of the top on a search engine.

All of these can seem like foreign concepts to someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time talking about search engine optimization but don’t worry about being overwhelmed. These are concepts that might seem strange at first but once you talk with one of Dental Gurus’ representatives it will very soon start making much more sense to you. They are a company that have extensive experience and expertise in making sure you get the ranking that you deserve and they want to help you understand the process that you are using to boost your visibility on the internet. Digital marketing is a powerful tool to help people find your business. So give Dental Gurus a call today and ask how they can help you get your dental office more business.


Architects are relocating to Denver.

For years, Denver has been one of the most popular cities for people to move to.  It’s clean air and proximity to the mountains make it the perfect city to be a young professional or to start a family.  This is evidenced by the fact that no other city in the country is in the top three each year for the past four years when ranking the cities most 25-34 year olds are relocating to.  With this in mind, there are many things that I think makes Denver one of the best cities in the country.  One of them is around the new architecture that is being put into place.

green architectsAs with many growing cities, Denver is in the process of undergoing quite a bit of urban infill.  The issues is that building out has become too expensive or there is simply no other way to build out from the city.  As a result, many of the architects in Denver are looking toward urban infill. By focusing on the infrastructure that we already have, urban infill allows for architects to sustainably retrofit or tear down and build new buildings in areas that may be derelict.  This allows for a whole new way to increase urban revitalization.  In my opinion, it is a great way for individuals and communities to enter the 21st century.  One of the most popular projects in Denver is the Taxi redevelopment.  Once run as the headquarters for a cab company, the taxi development was in a part of town that just about no one wanted to go.  It was in an area that had a decent amount of crime, was not walkable, and there were few local businesses that would attract young people.  Now it is one of the hippest areas in the city.  They were able to overcome those obstacles by focusing on sustainable design.

The design was formulated in a way that kept much of the area’s history, while also making it a place that entices people and allows for people to live a healthy life.  One of the best ways to do that is to encourage natural light to flow through the building, create opportunities for people to get fresh air and introduce ways of cutting carbon production.  Aside from the utilization of CFLs and efficient appliances, one of the best ways to cut down on carbon production would be through the HVAC system and the development of a plan around transportation.  In Vail, architects focused on the most efficient way to get people from Denver to the ski town on the weekends.  It was very impressive to see just how many people bought into the idea of going up to Vail just for the weekend and having all of the amenities in one place.  Yes, it could be more expensive, but I am sure that it was much easier to get up through public transportation than having to drive yourself.  It was also safer, which is something that not enough people think about.

Darby Architects

235W Buckboard Rd.

Edwards, CO 81632



Working with web hosting takes the guesswork out of your website questions.

When you get started on a website for your company, you may end up with many questions about the details of the website creation process. How do you get onto a server, and how do you invest all of that energy and expertise into something that you know little about when you are trying to get your company going at the same time? These questions are all reasonable, and a great way to work around these issues is through a web hosting program to help you get your website going. Instead of getting bogged down in these details, you can instead get working on other important aspects of your business while the website creation process gets a little bit simpler. issue of picking out the kind of web hosting that will be best for you and your company, however, can get a little bit tricky. Knowing how each of the different kinds of hosting will affect your business model is important to understand before you embark on this journey. Web hosting, in its simplest form, occurs when a larger company leases web space- for a small fee or for free- to another company in order to make use of server space. Companies fund these ventures through advertising space or by charging a small fee, whichever works best. However, there are other kinds of web hosting that could be more effective for the way your personal business works or the kind of website you intend to create. Getting a good handle on these details will make your life easier and also make your business’s website better capable of reaching the right people. Companies like help people like you get their website growing by selling domain names as well as providing web hosting options.

One of these other kinds of web hosting is known as Virtual Dedicated Server hosting, or Virtual Private Server (VPS). In these scenarios, server resources are divided into “virtual servers” so that resources are allocated in a way that doesn’t show underlying hardware. VPS programs virtualize the server space in order to allocate resources to many different places or to create the ability to move a VPS container between servers. The important thing to note about these kinds of server relationships is that people who lease space in a web host relationship in these scenarios may need to patch and maintain the server. If you are prepared to do that kind of work, then the flexibility that a VPS web host offers might be right for you.

Dedicated hosting services are other kinds of web hosting relationships where a user has his or her own web server and is able to control the server entirely. While the user has complete access, he or she usually does not own the server. With a dedicated hosting plan, the least expensive option is self-managed so that the user has full administrative access as well as responsibility. If you are looking for fuller server use in web hosting, then this is a great option for you and your business! Inc.

2500 East Second Avenue

Second floor

Denver, Colorado 80206



Book club, church among best activities for building a community as a new resident in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a wonderful city, and one that welcomes new residents with open arms. There are so many different activities to do, and the wonderful weather does not hurt either. Whether you moved here for a job, for school, or just because, there are a lot of ways to help you get settled in and find your new community here in Santa Monica.

First, if you moved here for a job, start getting to know your new co-workers. Joining happy hours, company sports teams, or other corporate community activities can be a nice way of helping you settle in while simultaneously working on material you are comfortable with.

Second, if you moved here for school then you have a built in community on campus you can take advantage of. Joining clubs, sports teams, and attending events at the student center will help expose you to the wide array of students in Santa Monica and help you further integrate into the community. Being a student in Santa Monica is one of the best possible experiences a person can have, but I might be biased because I was once a student here myself!

Third, think about other activities you like to do. If you are an avid reader, consider joining a book club. If you like to bike, run, hike, or dance, seek out some of the adult groups that do these types of activities. You can find them online or through social media, or through any other friends you might make in town. Activities are truly one of the best possible ways to get out and get to meet people. Even if you do not find people you click with, you are still out doing something. And if that something is an outside activity, then you quite simply cannot beat the outdoors in Santa Monica.

Fourth, if you are interested, a church can be a great way to help you establish a sense of community Christian churchand relationships to help you adjust to a new life in Santa Monica. Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades welcomes new members all the time, and can offer up even a mentor type of person to help you get settled in – not just at church but in your new life. This Santa Monica Christian Church has a great reputation and is always pleased to open their arms to new members of their community.

These are just a few of many ways you can help yourself get settled into your new life in Santa Monica. The city is thrilled to have you here and there are a lot of different ways in which it shows, from lower taxes to lots of activities available for free to children and families. Building a new life in a new city can be difficult no matter how exciting the change is, so finding ways to smooth the transition can go a long way towards easing anxiety on the part of you and your family members. There is a place for you and your family in Santa Monica.

There are many roofing companies in Denver.

This past summer, I had the opportunity to go out and buy my own place. It was a great way for me to get to know the city a little bit better and set myself on some firm financial footing.  I guess that all comes down to whether I take care of my place or not, but hopefully that is not something that becomes a big issue.  Nevertheless, it has been an awesome way for me to get to know the neighborhood a bit more.  One of the things that I realized is that the apartment building in which I live is one of the few available in my part of town.  For the most part, the buildings there are all homes.  The homes are beautiful and many of them were built many years ago.

roof repairThe thing about these homes is that many of the need to be updated.  I recently saw some roofers replacing a roof a couple of streets over. It was actually really loud as they were throwing parts of the roof off of the top of the house and into the front yard.  I was certainly not expecting to hear that noise s I was walking my dog.  Nevertheless, it makes sense that many of the homes in the area are now replacing their roofs.  We have had quite a bit of rain over the past several months, so it has probably been a great year for the roofing companies in Denver. One of the items that I think would be really interesting is to see just what the difference a new roof makes to the value of the home.  For me, I was happy to get my current place because I knew that I would not have to spend much money on upkeep of the place.  All of that would be covered by the building’s HOA.  Nevertheless, it would be very smart to keep on top of the roofing situation.

I think that the roof on my apartment building was replaced as little as five years ago. My thought process is that now that that has been done, it hopefully will not need to be changed in the next five years or so, while I am at the house.  Of course, the situation would be entirely different if I was going to be living there for a long period of time, but for the most part, I would be looking to make sure that none of the extensive construction work would have to take place while I am there.  There have been a couple of units getting worked on recently and I think that that was enough for my taste to know that I do not want to be present the next time there has to be construction.  It is a pain to have to be conscious of where you park your car at your own house.   That is why I hope to be gone when they have to do the roof again in the future.

Academy Roofing

1610 Jasper Street

Aurora, CO 80011

(303) 360-0708


Fax (303) 364-6053


All-Brite Chem-Dry provides exceptional carpet cleaning services.

all-brite chem-dryIt is recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every six months. For homes with children and or pets that can track dirt and allergens throughout the house, a professional carpet cleaning is recommended every three months. Regardless of how often you clean or vacuum your carpets, it is still important to have them professionally cleaned every once in a while. When you are choosing to hire a professional carpet cleaning company it is important that you research their cleaning methods before you hire them. Many traditional carpet cleaning companies utilize a method called steam cleaning. Steam cleaning utilizes large amounts of water containing harsh chemicals and soaps that are dumped on to your carpet and then sucked back up using equipment that is similar to a vacuum. This method of carpet cleaning leaves your carpets wet for up to two days and a wet carpet can be a desirable breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. The chemicals and soaps used for steam cleaning carpets often leave a sticky residue on your carpet that strongly attracts dirt. In the end, steam cleaning your carpets can actually make your carpets dirtier than they were before being cleaned.

Fortunately there are alternatives to steam cleaning your carpets that are much healthier and safer for your home. All-Brite Chem-Dry has been providing exceptional carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning services to Central Indiana for many years. Utilizing the unique cleaning solutions and equipment from Chem-Dry, All-Brite Chem-Dry has become one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in Indiana. Chem-Dry is a unique carpet and upholstery cleaning system that utilizes the power of carbonation to extract dirt to the surface that has been deeply embedded in your carpet. Once the dirt has been extracted it is removed from the surface of the carpet using special equipment. There are no harsh chemicals or soaps involved in the process whatsoever and you can rest easy knowing that all of the cleaning products used by Chem-Dry are all-natural and biodegradable. Not only is Chem-Dry better for your home and your family, it is also better for the environment than traditional steam cleaning methods.

Chem-Dry is the leading carpet cleaning company on the globe and they have more than four thousand locations all over the world. When you have your carpets cleaned by Chem-Dry they will be clean and dry within two hours, not two days. The clean carpet results of Chem-dry will also last longer than the “clean” results of steam cleaning methods. As we have already discussed, steam cleaning actually leaves your carpets dirtier than before they were cleaned, whereas Chem-Dry guarantees that your carpets will stay clean longer once they are finished with them. Chem-Dry is great not only for carpet cleaning but also upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, stain removal, and pet odor removal as well. The many benefits of Chem-Dry carpet cleaning solutions are added to by the higher quality of air that naturally cleaned carpets can lend to your home. Call Chem-Dry for any of your future carpet cleaning needs.

Seeing quality difference in how you feel about your shades shutters or blinds

Wait until you see the quality difference between your shutter, shades, and blinds.  Sometimes shades, shutters, and blinds mean the difference between being able to feel comfortable with your purchase choices for your home depending if you go with high quality blinds, shades, or shutters from Hunter Douglas.  When you are able to enjoy your home fully that means that you can be comfortable within your home because you were smart and went with the quality of Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, or shutters in your home.

When you choose to go to Hunter Douglas blinds you’ll be up to have the ability to enjoy your home in full possibility of comfort. They have experience quality that is unmatched by other manufacturers. When you’re able to have Hunter Douglas means that you’re going to have exceptional quality that you can rely on. You’ll be able to see a great deal of difference in how you feel that your home in the ability to show how well the function is and the ability to customize your look just to meet your needs. Hunter Douglas BlindsWhen you choose Hunter Douglas blinds you have something exceptional that is worth showing off. Being able to have the right appearance the gives you all the other benefits of having blinds make the perfect combination for success within your home. Hunter Douglas is known for making all of these things possible for your home. Being able to work with the rental company like blinds and shades helps you to be able to rely not only in quality but the service do you get with it. Being able to have your home and be able to enjoy the comforts of scimitar what leaving a good life is all about. Being able to have a place see you can relax and feel the privacy of your home helps to make a house a home worth being in. You will have a mismatched quality when you choose the right blinds and shades for your home.

With a great deal customization available for your home when it’s going with Hunter Douglas blinds this allows you to get the experience the quality and the success that you were looking for to make sure your home is going to be the quality that you want and the feeling within the home the quality and satisfaction that you want out of your home. This gives you all you need and the satisfaction of being able to get the customization you need and want for your home. You’ll be able to see the quality and the difference within that quality when it comes to your blinds shades and shutters. You always be able to have what you’re looking for when you choose this option without having it you may regret to find yourself having to replace less expensive blinds and shutters overtime.  Love being in your home because it is comfortable and it reflects you and your style by getting high quality Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, or shutters that allow you many choices to fit that style of yours.

Get the best possible dental care at Loveland Family Dentistry.

Dental implants are a wonderful advancement in technology. Years ago when you lost your teeth the only option was dentures which can be uncomfortable and are not a permanent solution and your diet choices were also limited. Today dental implants make restoring a troubled smile easy and comfortable. Dental implants are great because they attach a new implants to the jaw bone. This acts just like your original tooth root would and will hold your implant in place and will improve the integrity of your jaw structure by preventing bone loss. One of the worst things about losing a tooth is the eventual bone decay that will occur and this irreversible damage. The implants offer a great solution to avoid bone loss. You can have a single implants, multiple implants or a full mouth replacement. If you are missing teeth then you should consider dental implants.

I would recommend Loveland Family Dentistry for your implants. They perform them often and have good experience in the area. Not many dentists have the ability to perform this procedure, but they do at Loveland. Dental Implants are a part of their smile makeovers:

Case 6 – Dental Implant

Dental Implants may be the perfect solution when you are missing one or more teeth. Crowns and veneers are popular, esthetic solutions, but only dental implants can replace the entire tooth including both crown and root. Dental implants look, feel, and function like your natural teeth and they offer incredible stability because they become part of your body and integrate completely- just like a natural tooth. With Dental Implants, you regain all the capabilities you had with your natural teeth, giving you renewed confidence and the ability to get the most out of life!


dental implants


Loveland Family Dentistry is always current on the latest and greatest in the dental industry. You will receive nothing but the best dental services and care. They care about you and your health and will take such wonderful care of you that you will feel like you are a part of their family. This is a great place to bring your whole family and you will feel comfortable recommending all of your friends to this practice.

If you suspect that you need dental implants then don’t hesitate to call the folks at Loveland Family Dentistry. Every day you wait to call you risk losing bone density that can not be recovered. You may be worried that it will be painful or uncomfortable but be assured that is not the case. Dental implants are a great way to get your smile back on track. The procedure is done over a series of appointments and each time you leave being closer and closer to a fantastic smile. You will also be able to eat all of the the foods that you love, unlike with some other dental replacement options. You should discuss all of your options with your dentist and come to the conclusion that is best suited for you and your lifestyle. You will not be sorry that you called on the professionals at Loveland Family Dentistry!



Medical Marijuana from Denver Dispensaries

If you live in Colorado, medical marijuana is probably something you are intimately familiar with, and maybe you’re a cannabis afficionado yourself. Denver dispensaries work hard to cultivate and provide the highest quality of medical marijuana to ensure patients are receiving the treatment they need.  Dispensaries in Denver also work hard to maintain a level of professionalism, customer service, and variety that indicates a serious effort to be perceived as legitimate businesses in the eyes of state and local officials. medical marijuana

With the recent passage of Amendment 64, Denver dispensaries are preparing to move from the medical marijuana industry to the recreational cannabis industry.  Of course, medical marijuana will still be available, but because of the Colorado voting public, recreational marijuana was approved and will be available in stores as early as January of 2014.  This has resulted in an influx of cannabis pioneers to travel to the state, and magazines like High Times have already scheduled and hosted a full-scale Cannabis Cup in Denver.

Some people are still holding onto archaic misinformation and distaste for cannabis, however, with the legitimate research coming from top medical institutions that is being released, that misinformation and prejudice is dissipating faster than ever.  Americans and other people the world over are finally learning about the century-long campaign against marijuana for racial and economic reasons.  Seeing how the drug war has negatively impacted our bottom line both domestically and economically has left many Americans reeling with the failed policy decisions of presidents like Ronald Reagan.  The War on Drugs is ending, and the people have spoken their voice.  It’s only a matter of time before medical marijuana is legal across the globe, and the ban on substances can instead become valuable scientific research.