Henry Cowell Bohemian

Title : Henry Cowell Bohemian
Author : Michael Hicks
Publisher : University of Illinois Press
ISBN 13 : 0252027515
Date : 2002

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Henry Cowell, Bohemian traces the venerated experimentalist's radical ideas back to his teachers, induding Charles Seeger, Samuel Seward, and E.G. Stricklen, the tight-knit artistic communities in the San Francisco Bay area where he grew up and first started composing, and the immeasurable influence of his parents. Mining the published and unpublished writings of Cowell's mother, a politically motivated novelist from the Midwest who carefully monitored the pulse of her son's creativity from birth, Hicks provides insight into the composer's heritage, artistic inclinations, and childhood.

Henry Cowell

Title : Henry Cowell
Author : Joel Sachs
Publisher : Oxford University Press
ISBN 13 : 9780199939183
Date : 2012-07-09

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Joel Sachs offers the first complete biography of one of the most influential figures in twentieth-century American music. Henry Cowell, a major musical innovator of the first half of the century, left a rich body of compositions spanning a wide range of styles. But as Sachs shows, Cowell's legacy extends far beyond his music. He worked tirelessly to create organizations such as the highly influential New Music Quarterly, New Music Recordings, and the Pan-American Association of Composers, through which great talents like Ruth Crawford Seeger and Charles Ives first became known in the US and abroad. As one of the first Western advocates for World Music, he used lectures, articles, and recordings to bring other musical cultures to myriad listeners and students including John Cage and Lou Harrison, who attributed their life work to Cowell's influence. Finally, Sachs describes the tragedy of Cowell's life, being sentenced to fifteen years in San Quentin -- of which he served four -- after pleading guilty to a morals charge that even the prosecutor felt was trivial. Providing a wealth of insight into Cowell's ideas and philosophy, Joel Sachs lays out a much-needed perspective on one of the giants of twentieth-century American music.

American Music

Title : American Music
Author :
Publisher :
ISBN 13 : UCSD:31822030114037
Date : 2005

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has been writing in one form or another for most of his life. You can find so many inspiration from American Music also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Music book for free.

Rain Taxi

Title : Rain Taxi
Author : George Stanley
Publisher :
ISBN 13 : 0970876327
Date : 2003

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George Stanley has been writing in one form or another for most of his life. You can find so many inspiration from Rain Taxi also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Rain Taxi book for free.

Mormonism and Music

Title : Mormonism and Music
Author : Michael Hicks
Publisher : University of Illinois Press
ISBN 13 : 0252071476
Date : 2003

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Music has flourished in the Mormon Church since its beginning. In this book - now available in paperback - Michael Hicks examines the direction that music's growth has taken since 1830. He looks closely at topics including the denomination's first official hymnals; the views of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young on singing; the Mormon Tabernacle Choir; and the changing attitudes of church officialdom and laity toward popular and non-western music styles. It is the winner of the 1989 Award in Criticism, from the Association for Mormon Letters.

Charles Ives Reconsidered

Title : Charles Ives Reconsidered
Author : Gayle Sherwood Magee
Publisher : University of Illinois Press
ISBN 13 : 9780252033261
Date : 2008

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Charles Ives Reconsidered re-examines a number of critical assumptions about the life and works of this significant American composer, drawing on many new sources to explore Ives's creative activities within broader historical, social, cultural, and musical perspectives. Gayle Sherwood Magee portrays Ives's life, career and posthumous legacy against the backdrop of his musical and social environments from the Gilded Age to the present. The book includes contemporary portraits of the composer, his peers, and his teachers, as seen through archival materials, published reviews, and both historical and modern critical assessments. Magee offers the first large-scale rethinking of Ives's musical development based on the controversial revised chronology of his music. Using Ives's own dictum that "the fabric of existence weaves itself whole" as a guide, Charles Ives Reconsidered offers several new paths to understanding all of Ives's music as the integrated and cohesive work of a controversial composer who was very much a product of his time and place.

Substituting a New Order

Title : Substituting a New Order
Author : John D. Spilker
Publisher :
ISBN 13 : OCLC:699487734
Date : 2010

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Documents in the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Library of Congress, and Fogelman Library at the New School for Social Research demonstrate Henry Cowell's tireless efforts on behalf of dissonant counterpoint, a systematic approach to using dissonance based on subverting the conventional rules of counterpoint that has heretofore been exclusively attributed to Charles Seeger. From the mid 1910s to the mid 1960s Cowell -- who is better known for developing extended techniques for the piano, promoting and publishing ultra-modern music, and teaching world music courses -- was actively involved in the development and dissemination of dissonant counterpoint through his composing, writing, and teaching. During his studies at the University of California, Berkeley from 1914 to 1917, Cowell participated in the early development of the technique as evidenced by exercises written in his personal notebook. From the late 1910s to the mid 1950s he discussed the method in his book New Musical Resources, several published articles, and program notes for three 1926 concerts in the United States and Europe. Cowell also shared dissonant counterpoint with his colleagues, many of whom used the technique in their compositions and also advocated on its behalf, including John J. Becker, Johanna Beyer, John Cage, Ruth Crawford, Vivian Fine, Lou Harrison, Wallingford Riegger, and Carl Ruggles, to name only a few. Cowell's teaching not only included private lessons but also extended to his college classes, which reflects a much wider dissemination of the compositional method than scholars have previously thought. Jeanette B. Holland's class notes from Cowell's 1951 "Advanced Music Theory" course at the New School provide further insight into dissonant counterpoint and Cowell's classroom teaching. Finally, Cowell used the technique in compositions that span nearly fifty years of his career and encompass a variety of genres. In contrast to characterizations of the composer as an undisciplined bohemian, the picture of Cowell that emerges from these newly discovered archival documents reveals a systematic and tenacious theorist and composer, who valued tradition and advocated the practical application of new theoretical ideas. Additionally, dissonant counterpoint, which is often eclipsed in historical surveys of twentieth-century music by better-known compositional techniques such as Arnold Schoenberg's twelve-tone method, was in fact an essential tool for American composers during the first half of the twentieth century and used in a variety of musical works.


Title : Notes
Author : Music Library Association
Publisher :
ISBN 13 : UOM:39015064838223
Date : 2004

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Music Library Association has been writing in one form or another for most of his life. You can find so many inspiration from Notes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Notes book for free.

The Street Legal Version of Mormon s Book

Title : The Street Legal Version of Mormon s Book
Author : Michael Hicks
Publisher : Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN 13 : 1477615830
Date : 2012-07-01

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Not a "simplified" version of the Book of Mormon, but a completely rewritten paraphrase, with a contemporary voice hovering somewhere in the realm of J. D. Salinger, Hunter Thompson, and some generic humanist academic/poet, i.e., me. An affectionate, meditational dramatization and commentary. From the Introduction: "Why 'street-legal'? That's a term we use for souped-up cars—streamlined and powerfully efficient but also decorative, with decals, pinstriping, and tricked-out doodads—that still can be ridden in normal lanes of traffic. They're not cars meant for everyday errands, to be sure. Offroad is their normal habitat. But the only thing they usually lack to be 'normal' is a better muffler. This paraphrase of the Book of Mormon is like that. I've streamlined a lot of passages, put them in terse, up-to-date vernacular, thinking that's what one would have done if one were scratching the book out on metal plates. I've tried to muscle up the prose. But I've also added lots of linguistic decals: digressions, snippets of commentary, queries, and even humor, which the original editor, Mormon, apparently cut."

Sixties Rock

Title : Sixties Rock
Author : Michael Hicks
Publisher : University of Illinois Press
ISBN 13 : 0252069153
Date : 2000-08-01

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Unlike their rock 'n' roll predecessors, many rock musicians of the mid-sixties came to consider themselves as artists, As self-conscious makers of a new sonic medium.Sixties Rockoffers a provocative look at these artists and their innovations in two pivotal rock genres: garage rock and psychedelic music.Delving into everything from harmony to hardware, Michael Hicks shows what makes this music tick and what made it unique in its time. Now available For The first time in paperback, this ""angular portrait"" of an essentially experimental music illuminates the art of rock in the 1960s.